Alien Children of Fallen Angels
The Wayward Welcoming Of The Aliens
Being Induced

By Aliens Themselves

By Intelligent People

By Those Lax-a-Daisy

By The Seekers of Gain

By Those They Can Blind
Unto Aliens


Unto GOD Himself

Unto GOD's Good

Unto 'Salvation'

Unto Sin Itself

Unto 'Rapture'

Unto 'Trinity'

By Those They Do Abduct
A Fertile Field

The Sin That Allows

Those That Discount

Those That Do realize

Those That Have Been

Those Who Made It Easy

Using Them To Spread
A False Sense of Creativity

A False Sense of Destruction

A False Sense of Security

A False Sense of Science

A False Sense of Truth

A False Sence of Trust

The Purpose

By Those They Experiment On
A Fertile Field

Spreading Lies

The Criteria

Which Experiment

Dealing With
By Seeking To Excuse

By Seeking To Justify

Purpose Behind
To Create Own Children

Own Heritage

Their Usage Of

To Mimic A 'Soul'

In Lacking Of

Seeking To Attain

By Those 'Want-a-Be's'

Gravely Blind

Of Consequence

Secretly Yearning

Telling Who Does