Aliens Are
Alien Children of Fallen Angels
name that
Satan does
often cause for
Wayward Planets
to attach to creatures,
which Fallen Angels have
created and brought forth to
inhabit the Universe has being
their very own children, is Aliens!
Upon which
the Aliens own
intent has been
for thousands of
years on earth, to
do the bidding of their
Fallen Angel Parents, in
the employing three things!
1ST...To Abduct & Experiment upon Human-Beings in hopes of finding a possible way to duplicate their Given 'Soul'!
2ND...To help their Fallen Angel Parents establish Falsehoods & events within Earths Community's that will meet with their own Agenda!
3RD...To introduce their own endeavors & events over periods of time upon the Planet, that they can use to make of Mankind like themselves!